Backpacker Farm Work in Tasmania

Backpacker Farm Work in Tasmania

Tasmania, Australia’s hidden gem, unveils a remarkable landscape rarely explored by many tourists and locals. With its mesmerising blue seas, lush greenery, and majestic mountains, Tasmania captivates all who venture here.


Known globally for its rugged landscapes and rich wildlife, Australia is a backpacker’s paradise. Tasmania stands out as an exceptional destination within this context, especially for those on a backpacking adventure. But Tasmania’s allure goes beyond its striking scenery. With Left Field, international backpackers in search of regional farm work will find a welcoming community and ample opportunities to work, explore, and connect on the Farm Work Loop.


Join the Lefty Crews as you immerse yourself in Tasmania’s unique environment and culture, and experience continuous employment, an amazing working atmosphere, and the innovative horticulture industry that sets Left Field apart in Australia. Dive into an adventure that offers more than just beautiful landscapes; discover a world that makes you desperate to be part of a leading and respectfully controversial brand in the field.


What Does Farm Work for Backpackers Mean?

Many people are leaving their traditional workplaces to embrace a life on the road, and you may wonder how they make ends meet. The latest trend involves picking up short-term jobs while traveling, which proves to be a beneficial arrangement.

While abroad, travellers offer their skills and services to employers, who in turn hire them for specific tasks and durations. This mutually advantageous setup allows backpackers to explore the world, earn a living, and chase their dreams, while employers gain access to enthusiastic workers with diverse skill sets.

Most often, backpackers will look for farm work, picking fruit, picking vegetables, picking berries, factory work and more. Travelers prefer farm work because they don’t have to commit to a long-term position and because farm work pays a lot. Another reason why farm work is loved by backpackers is because it offers a lot of benefits with almost little to no problems.

What Makes Tasmania the Perfect Place for Working as a Backpacker?

There’s a lot to Tasmania that makes it worth backpackers moving to the place. But if you’re looking for some convincing pointers, here you go:

Pure and Clean Environment

Tasmania is one of the cleanest places in the world. In fact, Tasmania is known to have the cleanest air in the world and is pure of any pollution. When you breathe in the Tasmanian air, you feel fresher and brighter, ready to take on the world.

For backpackers looking for regional farm work, there’s nothing better than a place that keeps a healthy relationship with nature.

Touring on the Go

Undoubtedly, a significant advantage of taking on farm work in Tasmania is the opportunity to experience the awe-inspiring sights the region offers. From the picturesque Tamar River in Launceston to the thriving wildlife at Cradle Mountain Lake, Tasmania’s stunning beauty and unique character appeal to nature enthusiasts and adventurers alike.

Pleasant Weather All the Time

It can be difficult to work in tough weather conditions, but you won’t have to worry about that when it comes to Tasmania. Tasmania has beautiful weather all year round, but it’s exceptionally wonderful during summers. Of course, backpackers will look toward summer to travel, and when you have the stunning summers of Tasmania in front of you, you won’t look anywhere else.

Safe and Secure

Safety is a top priority for backpackers exploring new destinations. Travellers naturally steer clear of locations known for hazardous roads or inhospitable locals, making it crucial to select a place that provides a secure and welcoming environment. Tasmania ranks among the world’s safest destinations, with its warm and hospitable residents going the extra mile to ensure tourists and travelers feel at home.

For backpackers seeking a safe and hassle-free experience, Tasmania is an unparalleled choice.

Unlimited Farm Work Opportunities

Of course, there’s no point in visiting a place for farm work and not being able to do so because of limited opportunities. Luckily for backpackers, Tasmania isn’t short on farm work; there are working opportunities available throughout the island, and you won’t have to wait a long time to avail one.

Interested backpackers can avail opportunities for fruit picking, vegetable picking, berry picking, factory work and other agricultural activities.

Healthy Working Environment

Nobody wants to work where they won’t be respected, and thankfully, international backpackers won’t have to deal with rude and entitled employers while in Tasmania. The people of Tasmania are very understanding and charming, which makes the experience of working with them pleasant. All international tourists, backpackers and travelers are treated with a loving respect, and will find themselves immediately befriending the locals of Tasmania.

Guaranteed Payment

It often happens that backpackers or travelers offer their services to employers but are not paid on time. In some cases, short-term employees aren’t paid at all, which is why travelers are hesitant to look for work when they’re in a new place.

But backpackers don’t have to worry about such petty experiences while working in Tasmania at Left Field; Left Field offers authentic working opportunities with guaranteed payment as soon as the work is done.

Flexible Offers

Another benefit to working in Tasmania for Left Field is the flexibility; backpackers can choose their own working hours and get a healthy minimum wage. For anyone who’s looking for work that won’t disappoint, Tasmania is the place to go.

The Best Farm Work Opportunities in Tasmania

Backpackers will find that there’s really no bad working opportunity in Tasmania; the island offers healthy incentives and benefits in all of its employment opportunities. But if there’s one type of work that demands less and pays more, it’s farm work.

While Tasmania isn’t short of farm work, there are some opportunities that backpackers look toward the most. Among these opportunities is vegetable, fruit, and berry picking.

The reason why vegetable, fruit, and berry picking are preferred by backpackers is simple; it’s a seasonal activity that offers a lot of ground for a healthy employment. It especially suits backpackers who can’t exert themselves and want work that doesn’t demand more than what they can give.

Best Season for Fruit Picking in Tasmania

Now, if you’re thinking of backpacking across Tasmania, you’ll find opportunities for fruit picking no matter when you go. But there are some fruits that bring in a heavy harvest, albeit they don’t stay year-round.

Best Time for Berries: December to April

If you’re traveling between December to April, you’ll find the sweet fruits strawberries, blueberries and raspberries growing throughout the land. These berries only grow during this season but bring in a promising harvest.

Best Time for Stone Fruit: December and January

Stone fruits like peaches, plums and lychees grow extensively throughout the months of December and January and are available for picking.

Best Time for Apples: February to Mid-May

Looking to pick apples? Head over to Tasmania anywhere between February to May and you’ll find plenty of farms looking to hire.

Best Season for Vegetable Picking in Tasmania

Of course, you can also look for vegetable picking farm jobs in Tasmania. Luckily for backpackers, there’s no seasonal limit to vegetable picking because you’ll find plenty of opportunities year-round.

Best Season for Mushroom & Fungi Foraging

Tasmania has a lot to offer when it comes to agriculture and food, so you’ll find farm work for mushroom and fungi foraging throughout the year.

Other Industries to Work In

Of course, you don’t have to go for vegetable and fruit picking. You can also look toward promising opportunities in fishing, shearing, forestry, and butchery. Tasmania truly has unlimited working opportunities.

Places to Explore While Backpacking in Tasmania

Surely, you didn’t think you’ll only be working when you’re in Tasmania, are you? There are thousands of places to visit in Tasmania, but here are a select few that deserve your attention:

Cradle Mountain Lake St. Clair National Park

This place is perfect for naturalists who are looking to reconnect with nature while they’re backpacking in Tasmania. Cradle Mountain Lake St. Clair National Park brings backpackers gorgeous hiking trails and climbing routes against stunning views of snowy mountains and glacial lakes.

Bay of Fires Conservation Area

One place that will get every naturalist excited is the Bay of Fires Conservation Area. The coastline boasts a view that no other in the world does; bright orange lichen spreading over the boulders and rocks which form a skipping route over a turquoise and aquamarine blend of water.

Tamar Valley Vineyards

Care to pop open a bottle? Head over to the Tamar Valley Vineyards in Launceston, Tasmania, and sip on some sweet wine. The vineyards offer more than a fun time; get to know the history of wine making in Tasmania and take a look at the intriguing process of how those sweet and tart grapes turn into the delicious liquor we all love.

There are a lot more places that you can visit in Tasmania, but its beautiful and mystical nature isn’t what makes the island stand out. For travelers who are looking to earn on the side or backpackers who want to earn enough to get to their next destination, the beautiful island of Tasmania in Australia offers farm work.

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