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You’re a human, not a tractor.

You deserve to be treated with respect and paid right 
for the work you do.

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🌟 Discover Your Own Field of Dreams with Left Field - Where Every Farm Tells a Story 🌟


🗺️ Your Tasmanian Odyssey Awaits

From the soil-rich expanses of Table Cape to the vibrant, blooming terrains of Deloriane, and all the picturesque points in-between, you're not just joining a farm—you're joining a community. Pick your Tasmanian haven; we'll do the rest.


🌱 The Left Field Experience: A Symphony of Soil, Seeds & Soul 🌱

Yearning for a transformative experience in the horticultural arena? We’re more than farm work. We're a rite of passage into the invigorating world of agriculture. Live, breathe, and grow with us under the Tasmanian sun!


🌈 What's on Our Farm Menu? 🌈

Spoilt for Choice: Embrace the diversity of agricultural experiences that only the Lefty Crew can offer.

  • 🥦 Broccoli & Cauliflower: From Seedlings to Superfoods
  • 🌰 Onions: Sorting & Grading in Style
  • 🌱 Sprouts: A Tiny Plant, a Giant Leap
  • 🫒 Olives: Harvest Your Own Bottled Sunshine
  • 🥕 Carrots: Grading & Beyond
  • 🍓 Berries: A Picker's Paradise
  • 🌱 Swede & Beetroot: The Underdogs of the Root World
  • 🌿 Hemp: A Cultivation Revolution
  • 🍏 Apple-Topia: Pick, Pack, and Prosper
  • 🌱 Weeding: Because Every Farm Needs a Hero


🤩 Why Left Field? Why Not? 🤩

We’re not just offering you farm work. We’re offering you a lifestyle—a chance to be part of a revolution in agriculture that’s both fulfilling and fun. It’s not about clocking in and out; it’s about growing, both plants and personally.


The Sky's the Limit: Experience the freedom of an open-air workplace where the clouds are your co-workers and the earth is your desk.

Be Part of a Saga: From the planting season to harvest, we make every chapter of your agricultural journey epic and memorable.

Thriving & Groovy: Become a part of the Lefty Crew, where work rhymes with play and every day is a new adventure waiting to happen.


🌾 Sow Seeds, Harvest Dreams 🌾

Get started on your agrarian symphony with Left Field. Your Tasmanian journey is just a click away.

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