Potato Harvest Worker - Application

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Are you able to work on call seven days a week including weekends with short notice (12 hours)?

Are you able to start work anytime from 5:00am in the morning?

Are you flexible in the hours you can work in one day, understanding this could be anything between two hours and 12 hours (but is usually about eight hours)?

Do you have your own vehicle and driver's license (and are not relying on car pooling)?

Are you willing to work on different jobs (for example, berry picking, cauliflower cutting, broccoli cutting, weeding etc.)?

Do you understand this is physical work?

Are you a permanent resident of Australia?

Do you have permit to work in Australia?

Do you have any physical or mental limitations that may hinder your ability to perform the position you have applied for?

Were you referred by someone as part of our referral program?


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