Tasmania Uncovered: An Insider’s Guide to Island Living


Creating Connections: The Tasmanian Way

Experience the magnetic charm of Tasmania’s close-knit community and unparalleled sense of security, a defining feature that resonates with locals and newcomers alike. The heartwarming tales of individuals finding both temporary and permanent homes on this spellbinding island are testament to the extraordinary warmth and hospitality of Tasmanians. Join the Lefty Crews, and discover how the incredible friendliness of Tasmania’s people serves as the true crown jewel of the island. Become part of our cohesive community, united through shared experiences, as you explore the unique aspects of working, playing, and connecting on Tasmania’s farms with Left Field, the leader in horticulture labour hire.


Australia boasts a reputation as a safe country, ranking 16th out of 163 on the 2021 Institute for Economics & Peace Global Peace Index. However, Tasmania outshines the rest, with some of the lowest crime rates in the nation. Even better, the Australian Bureau of Statistics data reveals a steady decrease in crime rates in Tasmania over the past decade.



Embrace the Chill: The Tasmanian Lifestyle

Life in Tasmania is as soothing as a sun-kissed siesta and as bewitching as a steaming cup of coffee on a crisp winter’s day. Our cities and towns exude a friendly vibe, offering safe spaces to explore, even after twilight. Newcomers are often charmed by the helpful and friendly nature of the locals, who greet you with a warm smile and delightful conversation.


Tasmania’s smaller population fosters a unique sense of community. Our conversations unveil heart warming stories of neighbours mowing lawns upon arrival, offering seaside accommodations to help newcomers settle in, and delivering firewood to Queenslanders who arrived in the thick of winter. Tasmanians genuinely care for one another, nurturing deep connections even in the most remote locations.


Tasmania’s three major cities, Devonport, Launceston and Hobart, are blossoming into lively hubs of activity, teeming with diverse events, boutique shops, and bustling local markets. For a comprehensive guide to local markets, explore the Tasmanian Markets Guide. The University of Tasmania has relocated many of its facilities and student accommodations into urban centres, further amplifying the energetic atmosphere. To learn more about the university, visit the University of Tasmania website.


Tasmania proudly champions inclusivity and celebrates diversity. The island is LGBTI+ friendly, and same-sex relationships and marriages are legal here. For more information and support, visit Working It Out, Tasmania’s gender, sexuality, and intersex status support and education service.



Safe & Sound: Navigating Tasmania

While soaking in the Tasmanian experience, keep these safety tips in mind:

    1. Tasmania’s awe-inspiring wildlife, such as wallabies, Tasmanian devils, quolls, and wombats, deserve respect. Always maintain a safe distance and avoid feeding or touching them, as some can be aggressive. Discover more about Tasmania’s wildlife and conservation efforts by visiting Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary.
    2. Driving in Tasmania is a popular choice for exploration, but remember to take breaks and allocate extra time for winding roads. Avoid driving at dusk and night when wildlife is more active. For driving tips and road safety information, consult the RACT Road Safety page.
    3. Tasmania occasionally experiences severe weather events, such as bushfires, floods, and strong winds. Stay informed and prepared by visiting the Tasmania Fire Service and the Bureau of Meteorology websites.
    4. Tasmania’s beautiful beaches and rivers beckon on hot summer days. Before diving in, brush up on beach safety and familiarise yourself with rips and undertows. Keep in mind that many Tasmanian beaches are not patrolled by Surf Lifesavers. For more information on beach safety, visit Surf Life Saving Tasmania.
    5. Immerse yourself in Tasmania’s vast wilderness and experience some of Australia’s best bushwalking. Ensure you’re well-prepared with proper gear, inform others of your plans, sign in for walks, and avoid venturing out alone. It’s best to walk with others, and if you’re new to Tasmania, consider joining a guided tour. For information on walking trails and guided tours, check out Parks & Wildlife Service Tasmania.


Embark on Your Tasmanian Adventure Today

Tasmania’s warm and welcoming community, relaxed lifestyle, and unparalleled natural beauty create a truly enchanting island paradise. By following our safety tips and embracing the island’s vibrant spirit, you can fully experience all that Tasmania has to offer. So pack your bags, let the island’s charm sweep you off your feet, and embark on your unforgettable Tasmanian adventure today. Don’t forget to share your stories with us and inspire others to discover the magic of Tasmania. Safe travels!

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