Closing Loopholes and Using Labour Hire Providers: A Simple Guide to Navigating New Labour Hire Rules in Agriculture


The Australian Government has introduced significant changes in the rules governing Labour Hire Providers (LHPs) in the agriculture sector. It’s crucial for growers and farm owners to understand these changes to avoid legal complications and ensure fair treatment of workers.


Why These Changes Matter

Using LHPs is common in agriculture, but recent government actions aim to tighten regulations to protect workers and ensure fair business practices. Understanding these changes is key to maintaining a compliant and ethical operation.


Understanding the Impact of Changes

Labour hire, a critical component in agriculture and a key service area for Left Field, faces new legislative adjustments. Adapting to these changes is vital for legal compliance and maintaining a healthy and fair working environment, aligning with Left Field’s commitment to ethical business operations.


Essential Measures for Business Protection

The Importance of Written Contracts

  • Purpose: A written contract with your Labour Hire Provider (LHP) is a crucial protective measure.
  • Key Elements: Contracts should detail LHP information, terms of worker wages, compliance with workplace laws, and WHS (Work Health and Safety) requirements, reflecting Left Field’s focus on thoroughness and responsibility.

Maintaining Compliance and Fair Practices

Reporting Unethical Behaviour

  • Action Steps: Report any unethical practices or breaches observed.
  • Confidentiality: Ensure reports can be made anonymously, a principle that aligns with Left Field’s respect for privacy and integrity.

Implementing Effective Workplace Policies

  • Policy Communication: Make sure all staff, including those from LHPs, are aware of your farm’s policies.
  • Policy Contents: Include safety, acceptable behaviour, grievance procedures, and equal treatment, mirroring Left Field’s commitment to a safe and respectful work environment.
  • Policy Updates: Regularly revise policies to stay current with laws and best practices.

Adapting to Legal Changes

Fair Pay and Treatment

  • Equal Pay: Ensure labour hire workers receive pay comparable (including existing Enterprise Agreements) to direct employees, a principle that aligns with Left Field’s fair pay practices.
  • Discrimination Protections: Strengthened laws against discrimination are in line with Left Field’s values of respect and inclusivity.

Additional Legal Considerations

  • Union Representation: Enhanced rights for workplace union representatives.
  • Simplified Claims: Streamline workers’ compensation claims for certain conditions, a change that supports Left Field’s focus on worker welfare.

Preparing for New Regulations

  • Anticipate Impacts: These changes will affect hiring and payroll practices, areas where Left Field already excels in proactive planning.
  • Stay Updated: Regular consultation of legal resources to remain compliant is crucial, reflecting Left Field’s commitment to industry leadership.

Proactive Steps for Growers

  1. Contract Reviews: Ensure contracts are comprehensive and reflect the latest legal requirements.
  2. Team Education: Educate management and staff about these changes, a practice that aligns with Left Field’s emphasis on continuous learning and improvement.
  3. LHP Monitoring: Regularly review LHP compliance, resonating with Left Field’s commitment to quality and ethical partnerships.

Adapting to these regulatory changes is not just about compliance, it’s about upholding the values of fairness and respect in the agriculture sector, a principle that Left Field champions. By staying informed and taking proactive steps, businesses can navigate these changes successfully, ensuring a sustainable and ethical future in Tasmanian agriculture.

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