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We know about the struggles that farmers endure in securing skilled workers for farm and fruit picking jobs across Tasmania. So, we set out to create a helpful network to serve as a connection between farm owners and job seekers. In doing this, we discovered pride in having a hand in bringing “farm to table.” We hope you’ll think of Left Field as a trusted ally, always by your side, from seed to harvest, and processing to packaging. Because that’s who we are.

“We’ve been using Left Field as our labour hire company from the beginning. They are very responsive to our needs and go above and beyond to accommodate any requests we have.The standard of staff they have provided has been fantastic.”

Judy - Host Employer


Meet our Managing Director, Belle.

Belle Binder

Managing Director
I’m relentlessly driven to do the very best I can for our growers, who struggle through so many unforeseen challenges, just so they can have a chance to feed the world, and put food on our tables.
You may already know that our growers are struggling right now to find decent, reliable workers to help get their crops in and out of the ground – they’re faced with significant staffing challenges, and so much more.
My job is to help solve those staffing problems by providing growers with the high performing workers they not only desperately need, but deserve.
I do this through significant recruitment reach, extensive screening processes, continuously building a positive, hard working and reliable culture, and exceptional performance management.
I’m on this mission, in our grower’s corner, everyday, 24×7.


Left Field began and continues to grow with a heartfelt mission to support farm owners and bring opportunity to future employees. We make the connections for success and seal the gaps to fit each need. It’s farm staffing that works.

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