Left Field offers a fresh take on horticultural labour in Tasmania with our innovative Farm Work Loop. Unlike traditional methods, we combine work and exploration, providing continuous employment and skill development. Our approach ensures farms a reliable, versatile workforce, reflecting the evolving needs of modern Australia.


Exclusive Farm Partnerships - Limited Availability


We’re rewriting the rules of labour hire to suit a bolder breed of farms. We don’t traffic in the tired narrative of labour as a mere commodity; we curate elite crews that know their worth and amplify yours.

Our partners? They’re the visionaries who see beyond the furrows of tradition, who value toil and triumph equally, and who understand that the real fruits of labour are harvested when ethics and progress go hand in hand.

​We’re not here to pad our numbers or to make up the ranks with just any farm. We’re here to forge alliances with those who stand for something more. You grow more than produce; you grow futures, communities, and legacies. And so do we. If you’re in the business of meaningful work, exemplary standards, and cultivating not just crops but potential, then you’re speaking our language.


We understand the challenges of finding reliable farm labour. That’s why we commit to going the extra mile for you.

Partner with us for more than just labour – experience a dedication that doesn’t fade. We don’t just match you with workers, we stay actively involved the whole way through.

Fill out the form below, and experience the ease and efficiency of a labour partnership where every detail is meticulously taken care of.

Labour Hire & Recruitment

Left Field is rewriting the rules of labour hire, and we’re not for everyone.

We’re the allies of the ground breakers, the quality-obsessed, the ethically inclined. Our network is a carefully curated selection of Tasmania’s finest agricultural leaders who aren’t looking to just get by, but to set new benchmarks.

Our people are the lifeblood of your daily operations, chosen for their grit and matched to your farm’s ethos. They are the spirited souls who will stand with you in the frost of dawn, the burn of the midday sun, and the satisfaction of a job well done as the dusk settles.

Our partnership model is built on mutual respect, innovation, and a shared dedication to turning the industry on its head. We’re pioneers, selectively partnering with those who view their workers as an investment rather than an expense. We’re the labour hire for the long term, not the season. For the growth, not just the harvest.

Farm Work Loop

Not just a project; the Farm Work Loop is a pioneering journey that’s redefining how we approach farm work in Tasmania.

​The Farm Work Loop isn’t confined to the ordinary. It’s a comprehensive framework that offers a unique blend of adventure, community, and growth. It’s designed for individuals seeking more than just a job and for farms looking to cultivate a dynamic and loyal workforce.

​With the Farm Work Loop, we’ve introduced a new way of thinking about farm work. We’re not just matching workers with farms; we’re creating a community of adventurous spirits who explore Tasmania’s beauty while contributing to its horticultural industry.

​But it doesn’t stop there. The Farm Work Loop isn’t just an adventure for individuals; it’s a boon for farms. It’s about boosting productivity, securing a skilled workforce, and benefiting from a stable, loyal crew. We’re not just a labour hire company, we’re your partner in prosperity.

Calm Your Farm Workshop

We believe in strengthening the backbone of Tasmania’s horticultural community. That’s why we’re proud to share our “Calm Your Farm” workshop. This innovative program is our way of giving back to the entire farming community, equipping farms with the tools and knowledge to create a solid foundation of workers that enhances productivity, profitability, and safety.

Through interactive sessions, expert guidance, and a focus on best practices, we help farms not only find and retain quality workers but also foster a culture of well-being and resilience. We understand that a thriving workforce is at the heart of every successful farm, and “Calm Your Farm” is our commitment to empowering Tasmania’s horticultural industry.

​Join us in this journey towards a stronger, more vibrant farming community. Let’s work together to create a lasting impact on your farm’s future and the future of Tasmania’s agriculture.

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In the spirit of community and collaboration that drives us, this space is dedicated to the acknowledgements we’ve been humbled to receive. It’s a testament to the collective effort of our incredible team and partners.


Exclusive Farm Partnerships – Limited Availability