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We study the shifts in the Tasmanian farming industry, from economics to operations to sustainability on top of the currently available farm jobs in Tasmania. We have the privilege of ongoing meetings with landowners to better understand their changing needs for productive farming.

With the knowledge of farming requirements top of mind, the Left Field staffing model reflects a hardline on the quality of workers we place. You have the assurance that no matter how large or small, simple or sophisticated the job, we’ll provide personalised service to deliver outstanding support for your business.

Sole focus on farming.

At Left Field, we pride ourselves on recruiting workers that suit the complexities of farm management. We staff individuals across the full agricultural spectrum – it’s the industry we serve and we’re laser focused on ensuring placements for high quality workers, as well as those who approach new learnings with interest and energy. Below are just some of the positions we can fill to help farms reach their potential. Please contact us to discuss your needs or interest.

  • Planting

    To ensure your crops are high quality right from the start, our planting crews apply keen attention to detail to help your yields bloom to peak potential.

  • Harvesting

    Crop yields are the bread and butter of farming, so we provide hard working and enthusiastic harvest workers, who will be essential to your success.

  • Factory Workers

    You need workers in your factory who are diligent whilst working at pace. That’s why factory workers from Left Field are motivated, and apply the highest attention to detail.

  • Farm Hands

    Every day may present different needs, such as plant maintenance, general repairs, fertilising, machine operating, irrigation tending and harvesting. Our farm hands are ready to handle a wide range of duties with proficiency.

  • Mulching & Weeding

    As much as mulch protects the properties of soil, weeds can destroy it. That’s why the dedication put in to mulching and weeding, whether by hand or with cultivators or other machinery is so important.

  • Forklift & Telehandler Operators

    You need licensed operators who work productively and accurately. Contact us for highly skilled individuals who perform with speed, while prioritising safety, resulting in less waste.

Roles we recruit for.

Strengthening and keeping the farms of Tasmania strong requires diligent and reliable workers within the entire spectrum of the industry. Left Field workers have a keen dedication to agriculture and employing their skills. We supply casual or permanent workers to meet every need. Here are a some of our offerings:

  • Harvesters
  • Factory process workers
  • Planters
  • Forklift operators
  • Weed controllers
  • Pruners
  • Telehandler operators
  • General farm hand
  • Grading

The Left Field advantage.

At Left Field, we make sure that all employees are paid fairly. That’s why the wages we offer are in strict accordance with the Horticulture Award. To earn StaffSure certification, we submit to an annual audit that ensures we pay each and every worker correctly. In addition, performance management at Left Field is prompt and in accordance with the Fair Work Act. This mitigates the risk of public relations damage, which can harm your brand. By remaining compliant, we stand with farmers and workers alike to achieve open and honest staffing solutions.

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