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On-Demand Labour Hire

On-demand 24x7x365 reliable and flexible agricultural labour-hire workers on short notice.

Pacific Australia Labour Mobility

Reliable and productive workers from the Seasonal Worker Programme and the Pacific Labour Scheme.

Permanent Labour Hire

Permanent workforces that have the skills and attitude to increase productivity.


Specialist recruitment to ensure you get the employees under your direct employment.

“Dealing with Left Field is amazing. The team are very professional, and accommodating and also ensure that their employees find the right fit and are well looked after. I would definitely recommend Left Field as an employer and a service.”

Lauren Tuftnell


Only Agriculture

Left Field provides workers hand-picked, exclusively for the agriculture industry. Our team is dedicated and passionate about helping you with your life and work on the land, which is why our sole focus is on agriculture.

We love nothing more than helping your business run like clockwork, providing agricultural workers with integrity who will get to grips quickly with whatever is thrown at them. From seasonal workers for fruit, berry, nut, and vegetable harvesting, to factory processing and forklift workers, there’s hardly anything that doesn’t stir up an interest here, including plenty of laughs from around the paddock.

We work to put the “real” in every step of your production, with a team of enthusiastic and hard-working agricultural and seasonal workers who believe in what you do.

“Life on the farm” keeps Left Field’s team on their toes, and they love it. Feeling privileged to work with people who are passionate about agriculture is a thread that runs deep through our company.

Agricultural Sectors

Left Field recruits for every role in the agriculture industry, including:



Factory and



Livestock and

Medicinal and


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