Farm & Fruit Picking Jobs for Backpackers in Tasmania

There are many complexities that farm owners must navigate through. Hiring good help shouldn’t be one of them.

We’re proud to have formed a team that’s dedicated to delivering the right resources to the farms of Tasmania right here in Australia. We value the goods produced and the benefits that farming bestows on communities throughout the country. That’s why we’ve devoted our work to supplying reliable and competent workers who help stabilise and support the strains of the industry with the goal of growing prosperity.

We’ve recruited a large number of screened workers ready to get to work at a moment’s notice. But we don’t just stop there. We use scientifically validated assessments to ensure you’re getting earnest go-getters you can trust for your farm work. With a focus on quality performance, we mitigate the risk of no-shows and those who aren’t up for the task.

Getting the right crew is simple.

We’ve already done the background checks and assessments. You tell us your needs and we’ve got you covered with a resource solution you can trust.


We provide multi-skilled workers as well as those with focused expertise, depending on your request and requirements.


Attitude counts. Our recruits come to you enthusiastic about the work at hand.


Left Field crew members work with efficiency in mind, delivering consistent quality for optimised productivity.

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Helping people help farmers

Our commitment to employees.

Working in agriculture brings an experience like no other. You care for the earth, forge meaningful connections with others, and it’s always awesome to see the results of your work. So, if you’re excited to put in the effort, no matter your experience level, we’re sure that farmers will appreciate you. Let us connect you to your next job. For backpackers looking to gain experience (not to mention some funding for future travels), Left Field has the opportunities to take you where you want to go.

Left Field is a socially responsible company with StaffSure certification. As an employee, you have the assurance that you’ll be paid accordingly to the highest ethical standards and legal requirements. We require that every crew member is treated respectfully by our clients within a safe workplace. You’ll get paid fairly and timely. So, let’s get to work!

Featured positions.

Featured positions

Now hiring a Farm Produce Worker.

We are looking for a great group of casual farm produce workers living in the Devonport (Tasmania) area and surrounds for when our farmers have an overflow of work last minute.

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Agriculture is our sole focus.

We value the agriculture industry and truly care about our farming community. That’s why we provide a solution farmers trust. Our reputation stands on our ability to match the right person for each job, across all agricultural sectors. We focus on providing top talent for harvest jobs, fruit picking jobs, backpacker jobs, as well as seasonal labour hire. We’ll ensure that everyone is satisfied, client and worker, and that the staffing experience with Left Field surpasses expectations. To achieve this, we rely on an efficient recruitment processes and a rock solid work ethic.

Let’s have a talk and see how we can help you out today!