Discover the heart of Tasmania through work and wonder. Join a community where every day is an adventure and nature is your workspace. Embrace the spirit of the island as a Lefty Crew member, where you’re not just earning, but living.

Apply for farm work with us, and let Tasmania transform you.


Step into the future of farm work in Australia. It’s not just a job; it’s a life-changing adventure. Explore Tasmania, build a community, and grow while you work. Experience farm work as you’ve never seen it before in Australia.

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Explore the tapestry of farms we’ve collaborated with on our unique journey. These are just a few of the exceptional partners who have joined us in redefining farm work in Tasmania. Together, we’re cultivating not just crops but a sense of community, growth, and adventure.

Left Field

Uncover the essence of Left Field, where labour and adventure grow together. Delve into our story and see how we’re sowing seeds of change in Tasmania’s horticulture scene.

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Work in Tasmania

Our upcoming farm work ventures in Tasmania promise vibrant experiences amidst nature’s finest. Ready for your next chapter?


Our dedicated support and diverse farm work options equip you for a fulfilling journey, connecting you with the land and our vibrant community.

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Your essential guide to thriving on the farm and uncovering Tasmania’s hidden marvels

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Unlock your farm’s full potential with our dedicated farmhands. We prioritise attitude and work ethic to cultivate growth on your land.

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In the spirit of community and collaboration that drives us, this space is dedicated to the acknowledgements we’ve been humbled to receive. It’s a testament to the collective effort of our incredible team and partners.