We’re redefining the essence of farm work in Tasmania.

Our pioneering initiative, the Farm Work Loop, offers more than just employment; it’s a journey through the heart of Tasmania’s natural beauty and agricultural richness. For the first time in Australia, this unique program is designed to enthral backpackers and locals alike with an innovative approach to farm labour.  

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Diverse Farms

As part of our Loop, you’ll traverse a trail of select farms across Tasmania. Each farm, meeting our stringent selection criteria, presents a new environment and fresh experiences.


Varied Skills

With the Farm Work Loop, job security is a given. As you move around the loop, not only do you maintain continuous employment, but you also gather a diverse set of farming skills, enriching your personal and professional growth.

Adventure & Employment Combined

Our Loop blends the stability of a job with the thrill of exploration. You work, but you also discover – every day is a new chapter in your Tasmanian adventure.

Scenic Workspace

From apple orchards kissed by the morning sun to the serene twilight by hidden beaches, your workplace is Tasmania in all its glory.

Cultural Immersion

Engage with local communities, understand the Tasmanian way of life, and immerse yourself in an authentic cultural exchange.



The Farm Work Loop is a trailblazer in the Australian horticulture industry. While other labour hire companies and farms are offering jobs, we offer experiences. Our approach is innovative and proactive, setting us apart as industry leaders.

Tasmania is the first to witness such a harmonious blend of work, travel, and community – a model we believe will reshape the concept of farm labour in Australia.

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