Did You Hear? Tasmania’s Work Limit Lifted: Stay Longer, Experience More!


New Rules, More Adventures!

Great news for all adventurers and work-travel enthusiasts! Starting from 1 January 2024, the Australian government has introduced a significant update allowing individuals to extend their employment duration with the same employer for more than six months. This change is a game-changer for those of us at Left Field, offering an unprecedented opportunity to dive deeper into the Tasmanian experience while working around our unique Farm Work Loop for longer periods.

Embrace Extended Adventures

Imagine having the flexibility to immerse yourself fully in Tasmania’s rich landscapes and vibrant communities without the constraint of a six-month limit. This extended employment opportunity means you can now explore various facets of our beautiful island, develop stronger relationships, and gain a more profound understanding of the agricultural practices that make Tasmania so special.

Cultivate Your Path in Agriculture and Beyond

Specifically, for those passionate about horticulture, this update opens the door to year-long engagements in agriculture across Tasmania. This means more time to learn, grow, and contribute meaningfully to the sustainability and success of our partner farms. But it’s not just agriculture, extended employment opportunities also apply to critical sectors such as healthcare, food processing, and tourism, reflecting the diverse avenues available for exploration and contribution.

Navigating the “One Employer” Concept

This new flexibility comes with a broad interpretation of “one employer,” allowing for varied experiences even within the same employment umbrella. Whether it’s working at different locations of the same business or engaging with various entities under a single ownership, the possibilities for varied work experiences have significantly expanded, encouraging a richer, more diverse work journey.

Left Field: A Platform for Growth and Adventure

At Left Field, we’re more than just a link between workers and farm, we’re a community dedicated to creating meaningful, enriching experiences for everyone involved. With the introduction of extended employment opportunities, our Farm Work Loop initiative becomes even more valuable. It allows our team members to spend more time at each location, fostering deeper connections and enhancing their skills in a supportive, engaging environment.

This update aligns perfectly with our commitment to innovation, support, and a culture of continuous learning and adventure. We’re excited to offer our community the chance to embrace these new opportunities, ensuring that every moment spent with Left Field and our partner farms is not just a job but a journey of personal and professional growth.

Join us as we navigate this new landscape together, pushing boundaries and exploring all that Tasmania has to offer. With Left Field, your adventure doesn’t have to end – it evolves, offering endless opportunities to work, learn, and play in one of the most beautiful settings in the world. Welcome to the future of work-travel experiences, where your passion for adventure meets meaningful employment opportunities. Let’s make every day count, together.

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