Where Giants Roam: Discovering the Hidden Lizard of Kelcey Tier


Growing up in Devonport, I’ve wandered many paths, both paved and wild. But none hold a candle to the enchanted trails of the Kelcey Tier Greenbelt, a place that feels like stepping into a storybook of my own childhood. Today, I want to share with you a secret woven through the heart of our community – a secret guarded by none other than Preeatenna, the giant rock lizard of Kelcey Tier.

First Encounter with Preeatenna

I still remember my first encounter with Preeatenna. As young teens, we’d hear tales of a giant rock lizard living in the woods, a creature from the Dreamtime, watching over the land. One sunny afternoon, curiosity got the better of me and my friends, and we set off to find this mythical beast. Through thickets and under towering eucalypts, we stumbled into the clearing where Preeatenna basked in the sun – majestic, still, and utterly surprising. It wasn’t just a sculpture to us, it was a guardian of stories and secrets.

Trails That Grew Up With Me

The trails of Kelcey Tier have grown up with me. Each visit brings back the thrill of that first adventure, but now I see more – the way the bushland thrives, the conservation efforts that keep it pristine, and the importance of this place to our community. Walking these trails, like the 3.6 km Circuit Walk, is like revisiting old friends – the swift parrots, the rustle of wallabies, and the secretive bandicoots.

Peace Pole: A Beacon of Harmony

In a quiet grove stands the Peace Pole, inscribed with a message of unity in multiple languages. It’s a newer addition, but one that resonates deeply with those of us from Devonport and close surrounds. Here, amidst the whispers of the wind and the calls of native birds, the pole’s message feels even more profound: “May Peace Prevail on Earth.” It’s a reminder of our small town’s connection to the larger world, a connection that’s felt deeply here in the serenity of Kelcey Tier.

Capturing the Heart of Kelcey Tier

I’ve taken countless photographs of the greenbelt, trying to capture its spirit. But it’s more than just the lush landscapes and the iconic lizard sculpture, it’s the feeling of home, of belonging to a place that’s remained unchanged in its beauty and mystery despite the passing years.

Map of My Childhood Wonderland

For those who wish to explore, here’s a map that guides you through my childhood wonderland. It highlights the winding trails, the stoic Preeatenna, and the reflective Peace Pole, ensuring that you too can experience the magic of Kelcey Tier.

Invitation to Wander

The trails of Kelcey Tier, under the watchful gaze of Preeatenna, hold the essence of Devonport’s wild spirit. Join the legacy of adventurers and nature lovers who have walked these paths, discover your own connection to this special place, where every trail tells a story and every visit feels like a homecoming.

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