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Opportunity in Tasmania’s Thriving Agriculture Scene

Tasmania is not just an island of breathtaking landscapes but also a powerhouse of agricultural productivity, second only to mining in its economic contributions. At Left Field, we specialise exclusively in the horticultural sector, understanding the nuances and specific needs of this vital industry. Our deep roots in Tasmania, combined with our robust networks across partner farms, equip us to expertly manage any agricultural staffing requirement.

What Our Partner Farms Value in a Worker

1. Reliability In the world of farming, every day counts. Our partner farms treasure workers who are dependable and punctual. Reliable workers help maintain the flow of operations and ensure that agricultural tasks are completed within the needed timelines.

2. Experience Hands-on experience in farming techniques and knowledge of agricultural tools enhance a worker’s ability to contribute effectively from day one. However, at Left Field, we also welcome enthusiastic learners and provide training to develop the required skills.

3. Adaptability Each farm has its unique rhythm and demands, influenced by crop, climate, and culture. Workers who swiftly adapt to different farm settings, changing weather conditions, and varied operational scales are highly valued.

4. Cultural Fit Embracing both Left Field’s and the farm’s values, integrating with the team, and contributing to a positive work environment are critical. We’re looking for those who resonate with the communal spirit and work ethics of our unique Left Field culture across our Tasmanian partner farms.

5. Willingness to Develop Skills The agricultural sector is dynamic, with continuous advancements in farming practices and technologies. A proactive attitude towards learning and personal growth is essential, ensuring workers evolve with the industry.

Supporting Local Talent and Welcoming Global Adventurers

With over half of our workforce composed of locals from surrounding Tasmanian towns, Left Field champions the ‘local first’ approach to employment. Yet, as the demand for skilled agricultural workers rises, we also embrace the vibrant energy of travelling backpackers. Whether you’re funding an adventure or aiming to extend your Working Holiday Visa, we offer opportunities that allow you to contribute meaningfully while exploring the beauty of Tasmania.

Connect Locally, Grow Globally

Our office in Devonport serves as a hub for nurturing local talent and leveraging our strong community ties, all while maintaining a pulse on the global needs of the agriculture sector. Owned and operated by Tasmanians who grew up right here in our local Tassie towns, Left Field harnesses local insights, connections and expertise to fulfil the evolving demands of farm labour across the island.

Join Us in the Field

Left Field is more than just a name, it’s a commitment to innovative, responsible, and community-focused solutions in Tasmania’s agricultural labour market. Whether you’re starting your farm work journey or seeking the best hands to till your soils, we’re here to help. Join us, and let’s grow together in Tasmania’s fertile grounds.

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North-West Coast, Tasmania

Applications close: April 30, 2024

$28.26 p/h + Super = $31.36 p/h

MUST HAVE: *MUST have a car and valid licence – no exceptions.

Kindred, Tasmania

$29.84 p/h + Super = $33.12 p/h

MUST HAVE: Current Forklift & Driver’s Licence + Your Own Car

Devonport, Tasmania

Ongoing applications

$28.26 p/h + Super = $31.36 p/h

MUST HAVE: Driver’s Licence & Own Reliable Transport