Discover Farm Work Opportunities in Tasmania with Left Field

Opportunity in Tasmania’s Thriving Agriculture Scene Tasmania is not just an island of breathtaking landscapes but also a powerhouse of agricultural productivity, second only to mining in its economic contributions. At Left Field, we specialise exclusively in the horticultural sector, understanding the nuances and specific needs of this vital industry. Our deep roots in Tasmania, […]

The Realities of Farm Work in Australia: What Every Visa Holder Needs to Know

In the pursuit of the Australian dream, many visa holders embark on a journey filled with both excitement and challenges, especially when it comes to securing farm work to fulfill the 88-day requirement for visa extension. The path to completing these days, however, is often fraught with uncertainty, cancellations, and rescheduling, leaving many to wonder […]

The Hidden Costs of Rushing Your 88 Days: Why More Isn’t Always Better

In the enchanting landscapes of Tasmania, a silent narrative unfolds — one of backpackers caught in a relentless race against time to complete their 88-day work requirement. This race, often glamorised, overlooks the profound risks of overwork, risks that extend far beyond fatigue and into the realms of safety and well-being. It’s time to challenge […]