The Bridport Experience: A Haven for Adventure, Nature and Culture in Tasmania


Ah, Bridport—a small yet enchanting coastal town located in the North Eastern corner of Tasmania. With its serene beaches, vibrant trails, and a variety of recreational activities, it’s the perfect destination for anyone looking to dive into the natural wonders of Tasmania. Whether you’re a local or one of our adventurous backpackers, prepare to be captivated by all that Bridport has to offer.

Bridport’s Breathtaking Beaches

Here, time slows down, inviting you to indulge in the simple pleasures of seaside life. Bridport’s coastal waters are not just for basking in the sun; they beckon you to plunge beneath the surface and explore the underwater tapestry of marine life. The snorkelling opportunities around Bridport are exceptional, offering a window into a world of vibrant coral, playful fish, and perhaps even the occasional seahorse.


Bridport Beach

A must-visit spot in Bridport is its namesake beach. The stretch of soft sand is ideal for a sunny day of relaxation, or perhaps an opportunity to have some fun with beach games like frisbee or volleyball. The calm water also makes it a fantastic location for swimming.


Goftons Beach

Located further west, Goftons Beach is another inviting coastal gem. Known for its sheltered waters, it’s perfect for family outings, picnics, and barbecues.


Mermaids Beach

Nestled between rugged granite sentinels, Mermaids Beach unfolds as a quaint 100-meter arc of golden sands. Eastward-facing onto the embracing waters of Anderson Bay, it’s caressed by nature’s touch, with a wooded reserve gently sloping upward to the road behind it.


Old Pier Beach (Murphy’s Beach)

Stepping south from Mermaid’s serene shores, Old Pier Beach – also known to locals as Murphy’s Beach – stretches wider, 200 meters of east-facing shoreline cradling a broad terrace revealed at low tide. History juts into the sea here, with the skeletal remains of an ancient pier reaching out half a kilometre into the shallow embrace of the bay. A haven of tranquillity, the beach basks in calmness, disturbed only by the caress of easterly breezes. Encircled by smooth granite guardians, this sandy retreat is punctuated by a convenient boat ramp beside the old pier’s ghostly fingers.


42 South Surf School

Nestled along the beautiful coastlines of Tasmania, 42 South Surf School offers so much more than just catching waves. With locations at Scamander on the East Coast and Clifton Beach near Hobart, they’ve got you covered for all your surfing needs. But did you know they also make special appearances in Bridport a few times a year? That’s right, this gem of a surf school extends its reach to offer lessons in one of Tasmania’s most charming coastal towns. Whether you’re a local, a backpacker exploring the island, or someone just in town for the weekend, all you need to do is give them a call to check availability. It’s a fantastic opportunity to not only hone your surfing skills but also to enjoy the beauty and community vibe that Bridport has to offer. With 42 South Surf School, you’re not just learning to surf, you’re embracing an entire coastal lifestyle. Bonus – you can also hire boards and take to the waves solo!


Adventure Trails

Wildflower Reserve Walking Track

Discover the rich flora and fauna as you take a gentle walk in the Bridport Wildflower Reserve. This easily accessible trail offers the best in seasonal wildflowers, indigenous plants, and an occasional spotting of native wildlife.


Bridport Walking Track

Stretching for 11 kilometres, the Bridport Walking Track covers a variety of terrains, including beaches, bushland, and even a historic river. It’s a comprehensive experience for those looking to engage with Bridport’s natural landscape.


Tee Off at Barnbougle

For the golf enthusiasts among you, Barnbougle is not to be missed. Consisting of two world-class golf courses—The Dunes and Lost Farm—it offers a golfing experience like no other, coupled with sweeping views of the ocean.


Derby: A Gem on the Trail

Nestled in the lush landscapes of Tasmania, just a 45 minute scenic drive from Bridport, lies the charming town of Derby. Once a quiet mining town, Derby has reinvented itself as a vibrant haven for adventure seekers and relaxation enthusiasts alike.

As you approach Derby, the winding roads are a prelude to the excitement that awaits. The town is a jewel for mountain biking aficionados, boasting world-class trails that cater to every skill level. From the adrenaline-pumping descents of the Blue Derby Mountain Bike Trails to the serene riverside rides, there is something here to invigorate every type of cyclist.

After a day of exploration and thrill, immerse yourself in the ultimate relaxation experience—Derby’s Floating Sauna, right on the lake. Float on tranquil waters, enveloped in the warmth of the wood-fired sauna, with expansive views of the serene lake and surrounding forests. It’s an enchanting way to unwind, recharge, and connect with the tranquil Tasmanian environment.


Little Blue Lake

Just a scenic 50-minute drive from the serene shores of Bridport, Little Blue Lake stands as a testament to Tasmania’s rich mining heritage in the Far North East, near South Mount Cameron. Once a testament to human endeavour as a mine hole, it now captures the imagination with its striking aqua blue hue – a canvas painted by the minerals resting in its depths. While its vibrant waters have become a favourite haunt for local water skiing enthusiasts, the lake’s high mineral content suggests that swimmers proceed with caution, offering a unique spectacle to observe rather than to immerse in fully.


Get Hooked on Fishing

For those with a passion for casting lines and reeling in the day’s catch, Bridport’s reputation as a charming fishing village is more than justified. We invite you to discover a local gem—just a leisurely walk away to what the locals fondly call Croquet Lawn Beach. Bridport, with its idyllic coastal character, is a haven for fishing aficionados. The bountiful waters of the Brid River estuary are particularly renowned for teeming with trout and flathead. Regardless of whether you’re seasoned with the rod or just dipping into the angling world, Bridport’s array of fishing locales is sure to delight.


Bridestowe Lavender Farm

For those looking to explore beyond Bridport, the renowned Lavender Farms of Bridestowe are just a short drive away. Immerse yourself in the endless fields of lavender and be sure to stop by their gift shop for some lavender-infused souvenirs.



Local Culinary Delights

Don’t forget to visit Bridport Café for a hearty brunch, Bridport Sugar N Spice Bakery or the Bridport Bunker Club for an evening filled with delicious food, drinks, and live music.


Bridport Community Fridge: Nourishing Community, Reducing Waste

In the heart of Bridport, a community initiative is blooming, embodying the spirit of sharing and sustainability. The Bridport Community Fridge stands as a beacon of communal care, an innovative approach to tackling food waste while supporting those in need.

This isn’t just a fridge, it’s a statement of community solidarity, where excess food finds a new purpose. Local businesses, farmers, and residents contribute surplus produce, ensuring that perfectly good food is savoured, not wasted. Anyone is welcome to take what they need, be it a bag of vegetables, a loaf of bread, or other nutritious staples. In return, if able, they can leave a donation, however small, to help keep this virtuous cycle turning.


Let’s Go!

Whether you’re here for the weekend or planning an extended stay as part of your Tasmanian adventure, Bridport offers an array of experiences that captivate the senses and invigorate the soul. It’s not just a destination; it’s a lifestyle—simple yet exciting, calm yet adventurous. It’s a little slice of what makes Tasmania so unique. And who knows, you might even decide to make it one of your stops on our incredible Farm Work Loop!

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