Unusual Shops and Where to Find Them: A Journey Through North West Tasmania


Welcome, adventurous souls and curiosity-seekers!

Do you live for the thrill of uncovering unique, one-of-a-kind finds? Do you revel in the idea of stepping into a shop so quirky and magical that it feels like stepping into another world? If you’re the kind of person who’d prefer to skip the tourist traps in favour of the real, hidden gems, you’ve stumbled upon your treasure map! This blog is your golden ticket to an off-the-beaten-path retail adventure along the vibrant yet lesser-explored North West Coast of Tasmania. Get ready to discover retail treasures so fascinating you’ll be bragging to your friends for years to come!


Step into Another World: Gosling Gothware in Deloraine


 Gosling Gothware’s life-sized Jack the Ripper Alleyway set against a backdrop of antique steampunk gear.

Location: 3 Emu Bay Road, Deloraine
Hours: Open daily from 10 am to 4 pm

As you push open the creaky door of Gosling Gothware, an immediate atmospheric shift engulfs you. The place is a fascinating labyrinth of alleys filled with peculiar artifacts and rare finds. But what takes the cake is the meticulously crafted “Jack the Ripper Alleyway.”

Gordon is your go-to historian and curator of the spooky. He has spent years piecing together this gripping narrative of Jack the Ripper, complete with life-sized Whitechapel characters, bone-chilling memorabilia, a victim board, and ‘letters from hell.’ Are you a detective at heart? Dive into the suspects’ wall and indulge your wildest theories. On weekdays, Gordon himself will tour you through the uncanny alleyway, peeling back the foggy layers of one of history’s most haunting mysteries.

Now, this isn’t all that’s on offer. Steampunk fans, prepare to have your minds blown by a colossal collection of top hats, goggles, and steampunk sunglasses. The shop is also a sanctuary for those who adore fantasy themes — think dragons, fairies, and even a dash of the macabre.



An Odyssey of Wonders: Reliquaire in Latrobe


A fantastical corner in Reliquaire featuring Alice in Wonderland collectibles.

Location: 139 Gilbert Street, Latrobe
Hours: Open daily from 9 am to 4:30 pm

Imagine stepping into a living, breathing storybook; that’s what it’s like walking into Reliquaire in Latrobe. This isn’t just a shop, it’s a microcosm of dreams and fantasies owned by Sylvia and Kim Christie. In this magical wonderland, every corner unravels a different narrative — from Disney classics and Medieval lore to space odysseys and Harry Potter quests.

But what truly adds a layer of soul to this shop is its history. The Christie family rebuilt their wonderland from ashes after a devastating fire in 2015. Today, it stands as a testament to resilience, imagination, and a love for the extraordinary. Whether you’re searching for a unique Alice in Wonderland teacup or you want to wield a replica Medieval sword, Reliquaire has it all.



Authentic Craftsmanship in a Modern World: Simon Martin Whips & Leathercraft in Spreyton


Simon Martin meticulously crafting a whip, surrounded by an array of handcrafted leather goods.

Location: 306 Mersey Main Rd, Spreyton
Hours: Open weekdays from 8:30 am to 5 pm

Who knew that entering a leathercraft store could feel like stepping into a time machine? At Simon Martin Whips, you’ll get an authentic slice of Australian heritage. Simon, a self-made craftsman, has dedicated his life to perfecting the art of whipmaking.

Walk into the shop and witness a symphony of leathercraft. From custom-made Australian stockwhips to saddles, this place is a homage to traditional craftsmanship. Simon’s commitment to quality over quantity shines through every product. If you’re lucky, you might even catch a live demonstration of whipmaking, an art form that has stood the test of time.

With a range of products that also includes famous brands like RM Williams & Akubra, it’s a must-visit for anyone interested in authentic Australian crafts.


Doktor MoJo: The Whimsical Emporium of Sheffield


If you’re someone who loves eclectic art, antiques, and a sense of humour, then Doktor MoJo is your perfect match.

Location: Unit 3/39 Main St, Sheffield
Hours: Thursday to Sunday from 11am to 5pm

Located at 3/39 Main St in the quaint tourist town of Sheffield, it’s a treasure trove where the peculiar meets the marvellous.

When you first walk in, you’ll notice that almost everything is for sale — except a few mysterious items hanging from the ceiling, perhaps too magical to part with. Led by the charismatic Mark, the store is like a cornucopia of oddities, ranging from locally made crafts to vintage antiques and memorable bric-a-brac.

You’ll encounter a vast section of extraordinary record and music memorabilia that even the most seasoned collector would appreciate. Mark, with his entertaining salesmanship, makes the experience not just a shopping trip but a theatrical journey. Every item comes with its own funny little comment, making you chuckle as you explore.

And the community vibes? Absolutely palpable. This isn’t just a store, it’s an experience. When in Sheffield, missing out on Doktor MoJo would be like missing a page out of a captivating novel. The store is open Thursday to Sunday from 11 am to 5 pm, so make sure to plan your visit.


And there you have it—three spellbinding retail escapes that make the North West Coast of Tasmania an unparalleled paradise for explorers and shoppers alike. These are not mere shops; they are unforgettable experiences—time capsules, treasure troves, and tales spun through crafts and merchandise. We hope you get to walk through their doors, delve into their corners, and leave with more than just souvenirs. Leave with stories, with discoveries, with the kind of joy you can’t find just anywhere. So go ahead, be the first in your circle to uncover these secrets, and maybe even discover a few new ones along the way. Are you ready for your next grand adventure? Tasmania’s North West Coast is waiting for you.

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