Are you missing out on Tasmania?


Tasmania, the breathtaking island that’s home to pristine beaches, enchanting coastlines, untouched nature sanctuaries teeming with diverse wildlife, and expansive unspoiled wilderness, invites you to explore.


From awe-inspiring landscapes and a rich historical heritage to an incredibly low crime rate and exceptional local produce, Tasmania offers an enviable lifestyle filled with endless opportunities for discovery. And with Left Field, you’ll not only explore but also work, play, and become part of a broader community in Tasmania, breathing in the world’s freshest air!


Join the Lefty Crews on the Farm Work Loop, and experience the innovative labour hire that is exclusive to the horticulture industry in Tasmania, where fun, trust, and safety define our brand. Experience a world like no other and be part of an adventure that leads the way.


Tasmania offers exclusivity as well as an exquisite experience, incomparable to all the other states in Australia – the North Western tip of Tasmania, on the Cape Grim Peninsula, has some of the cleanest air in the world.

Tasmania has over 2000km of walking tracks and 18 national parks to experience and the world’s largest carnivorous marsupial, the Tasmanian Devil, is only found wild in Tasmania!

With more whisky distilleries than any other state, Tasmanian weather is perfect for maturing whisky, plus all ingredients can be sourced on the island, from highland peat bogs to pure spring water. Tasmania is roughly the same size as Ireland, Switzerland or West Virginia, but a lot has been left untouched—over 20% of the entire state is protected as part of UNESCO’s Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area and just over 40% of the entire island is a national park or reserve.


On a lake, in a small North East Tasmanian town, floats a sauna – located in Tasmania’s world-class mountain biking town of Derby, Australia’s only floating wood-fired sauna, The Floating Sauna allows you to re-connect with nature. The sauna seats up to ten people and is open to the public and bookings for private sessions.

Life in Tasmania is centred around harmony, blending appreciation for the abundant history found in towns and cities with the tranquillity of nearby nature. Concerns are minimal in Tasmania, particularly traffic jams – fewer cars on the road keep the hustle and pollution of mainland states at bay.

Think you could see most of Tassie in a weekend? You wouldn’t be the first. The size of Tasmania is deceptive – you’d get suckered into Salamanca Market – there’s a day gone – then you’d venture up to Wine Glass Bay or Launceston – there’s another day. Then you’d want to go to MONA. Get up early, and spend the day there, and wham bam, you’ve just lost your weekend to the sumptuous goddess that is the state of Tasmania.

Being an island with pristine water, Tasmania is home to amazingly fresh seafood – abalone, rock lobster, oysters, mussels, scallops, deep sea fish, salmon and freshwater trout. Tasmania contains some of the most ancient plant species on earth tallest flowering tree, and a large array of diminutive beauties such as terrestrial orchids. On forest floors live a rich array of ferns, mosses and fungi while sea beds and reefs are covered by a graceful profusion of seaweeds.

If you are a lover of art, architecture, interior design and things that are a little left of centre; put MONA at the top of your bucket list. Getting there is half the fun. The MONA ferries leave from Hobart’s Brooke St Pier every hour. MONA is Australia’s largest private museum and one of the most controversial private collections of modern art and antiquities in the world.

Australia’s oldest tree is a Huon pine located in the Lake Johnston Nature Reserve in Tasmania on Mount Reed. This clonal colony dates to 10,500 years ago, with the oldest tree believed to be 2,000 years old.

A boutique, first class aquarium featuring more species of seahorse and their relatives than anywhere else in the world, and a world first in Tasmania, dedicated to the preservation and conservation of the seahorse. This completely unique experience can be found at Beauty Point, in the beautiful Tamar Valley, less than a one-hour drive from Launceston or Devonport.

Tasmania has the ideal climate for growing all sorts of delicious foods – berries, beans, beetroot, carrots, broccoli, rhubarb, garlic, potatoes, apples, stone fruit, walnuts, herbs…the list goes on! Tasmania’s cool climate opens up a nice, long growing season and its beautifully clean water means that crops stay in the ground longer giving them the opportunity to develop the full characteristics of the many varieties we have on offer.

Paddle Tail, Fur, Duck Feet & A Bill – One of the most unusual creatures in the animal kingdom, the platypus has a paddle-shaped tail, like a beaver; a sleek, furry body, like an otter; and a flat bill and webbed feet, like a duck – find these amazing creatures all throughout Tasmania’s rivers and creeks. One of Tasmania’s hot spots for finding Platypus is in Latrobe, Tasmania, as often referred to as the “Platypus Capital of the World,” – and the go-to place for people who want to see one in the wild. Spot a platypus by the bridge near the Axeman’s Hall of Fame, or if you want a guaranteed sighting, head to Warrawee Reserve, located just 5 minutes south of Latrobe off Shale Road.

With a distinctive history and wildlife that can be found nowhere else, Tasmania is unique both geographically and culturally. Tasmania’s got a cheery cult like quality to it – people don’t expect to return raving about the place. Peaceful, picturesque and some of the best food and drink you’ll experience – are you missing out on Australia’s best kept secret?

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