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You’re a human, not a tractor.

You deserve to be treated with respect and paid right 
for the work you do.

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Discover the Root of Adventure—Join the Lefty Crew Broccoli Planting


Who We Seek: Not Just Laborers, but Explorers

Find your place amid the lush fields of North West Tasmania. Clock in for the planting, stay for the life-altering expedition.


Your Playground: The Intricacies of Broccoli Planting

Broccoli planting here isn't just agriculture—it's mechanical artistry. Imagine yourself on a high-tech chariot, feeding baby broccoli plants into a wheel that brings them to life in the soil. Each plant you set is a mark of your legacy on the landscape. 🌳


What You Bring to the Green

  • A driver's license 🚗 and your own set of wheels.
  • Openness to a 7-day rotational roster (trust us, we also value your rest days!). 🗓️
  • An infectious zest for life and keen eyes that catch every detail. 👀
  • Farming history? Great. Zero experience but a craving to learn? Fantastic. 🌱


The Lefty Advantages—More Than Just Employment, It's a Way of Being

  • A pocket bursting with aspirations (a.k.a. weekly pay starting at $28.26 p/h + Super = $31.36 p/h). 💵
  • Embark on the Farm Work Loop for everlasting landscapes and never-ending employment opportunities. 🗺️
  • Frequent “How's it going?” touchpoints. Because you're not just another farms worker. 🤗
  • A slice of Tasmania that goes beyond words—visual poetry of skies and lands that talk. 🌅


Ready to Challenge the Norms?

We're not simply colleagues, we're a vibe—an uprising. Whether you're here for a spell or a lifetime, Left Field offers a work environment that's as unparalleled as you.


Your Fortitude—Beyond the Physical

Jobs can shift as rapidly as Tasmanian winds. So, pack along an unbreakable spirit and an inexorable will. Routine? Perhaps. Rewarding? Absolutely.


A Fair Game? We Set the Rules 📖

Equal dough for equal toil—be it your native soil or a temporary terrain.


Don't Want to Miss the Best of Tasmania?

We’re your lens to all the island's hidden gems. Elevate your 88 Visa days into 88 days of marvel. Uncover Tasmania with Left Field.



👉 Still have questions? Navigate through our North West Tasmania Survival Guide: Essential Hints for Employment, Transport & Lodging.


Ready to become a Lefty? Your escapade commences now. 🌟